Casino Cabaret, Safe Gallery
14 December 2017

CASINO CABARET is a group exhibition, live Cabaret and private poker tournament that took place at Safe Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Invited artists wagered and played poker for original works in winner take all rounds of Texas Hold’ Em. The winner of each round of poker left with a new art collection. In the final round, one lucky tournament winner (Jess Fuller) selected a single work from each newly formed collection and left the tournament with a mega-collection formed through skill, wit & chance.
During the weeks prior to the tournament, a group exhibition of the wagered art was on view at the gallery.

The Cabaret on opening night featured performances by Michael Mahalchick, Tyson Reeder as Cold SteelR.A.F. on his white Baldwin, illusions and magic by Ross Moreno. Jennifer Sullivan did a stand-up comedy routine that combines a critical analysis of “boyfriend” jeans with a karaoke cover of a Justin Bieber song.

Casino Cabaret features:
Dan Bainbridge  / Andrea Bergart / Glen Baldridge / Jennifer Coates / Kari Cholnoky / Mike DeLucia / Paul DeMuro / Brian Faucette / Matthew F. Fisher / Jess Fuller / Tamara Gonzales / Frank Haines / Jesse Hamerman / EJ Hauser / David Humphrey / Pali Kashi / David Kennedy Cutler / Michael Mahalchick / Ross Moreno / Sam Moyer / Andy Onderdonx / Rich Porter / Jory Rabinovitz / Jennifer Sullivan / Wendy White / Jeff Williams

Organized and curated by Melissa Brown.

collection #1

more info at Safe Gallery